When General Convention created the Church Pension Fund a century ago, it was something new and untried for the Church. Since then, the CPF has served the Church well. The CPF has provided solid pension and benefit plans that have brought a level of economic security to clergy and lay workers that was unknown to most in 1910, when Convention voted to address clergy poverty.

CPF pension and benefit plans have not been static but have evolved in response both to changes in society and government policy and to changes in the Church’s understanding. Perhaps the most notable plan changes recently have been associated with the recognition given to same-sex marriage in society and in TEC.

We all want to continue to provide solid pension and benefit plans to support economic security for clergy and lay workers. We also recognize that the Church is changing and that we cannot foresee the future shape of the Church’s ministry.

  • If elected as a Trustee of the Church Pension Fund, I will work to bring TEC and the CPF together to cooperate in addressing the questions that need to be considered in order for us to use our worldly resources wisely over the next decades in the service of the Jesus movement – and in support of the clergy and lay workers who labor in the vineyard for Jesus.
  • Fiduciary responsibility in an inclusive sense has been my professional concern throughout my working life. If elected I will apply my 40 years of experience as a lawyer for not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations,including church plans like the CPF, and my 33 years of experience as a volunteer for the Church, principally in responsible investing, to help lead the CPF. As the CPF reports, responsible investing is already an important part of its investment program, through shareholder advocacy and impact investing. Going forward the CPF needs Trustees who understand the field and can help guide the CPF in prudent and effective investing, including responsible investing. I am well qualified to do so.

A century ago Convention took practical steps to secure the Church’s work. Whatever the challenges we face, we can take practical steps appropriate to our time to secure that work. Challenges can be turned into opportunities.

–– Bill McKeown/wbm

Disclosure: my wife is a retired priest receiving a pension and benefits from the CPF. We know the CPF’s plans to be a great blessing, and we hope to be part of extending the blessing.